2008_04_blmberg.jpgNewsweek has a feature on Rupert Murdoch and his desire to take on the NY Times with his new purchase, the Wall Street Journal. But more interesting for media watchers might be the end of the fourth paragraph, where Newsweek reports:

"The fight could escalate in unknown ways if billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg ends up acquiring the Times. As NEWSWEEK has learned, top associates of the onetime information executive are encouraging him to do just that."

Really? We suppose this is more feasible than Bloomberg running for a third term, and it would certainly given him a challenge. And has been less than three weeks since the last prediction that Bloomberg would buy the Gray Lady. A source tells Newsweek, "[The Times] is clearly a brand that Bloomberg could help preserve and that he cares about immensely … and could pay a competitive price."

Last year, Newsweek put Bloomberg on its cover, touting the mayor's 2008 presidential chances (it turns out they weren't so good!).