The dark side of remembering September 11 is that sometimes people get drunk and act stupid. Like the off-duty firefighter who allegedly attacked a newsstand worker and said that he "looked like Al Qaeda." At West 3rd Street and and MacDougal in the Village, Edward Dailey apparently got into an argument with the Bangladeshi newsstand worker over a pack of gum, ripped off the Plexiglass window and threw it at the worker. The police charged Dailey, who works at a Queens firehouse, with assault and criminal mischief and said it seemed like he had been drinking. The Daily News says the assault charges may be escalated to a hate crime once the case is reviewed by the DA's office; the DN also notes that Dailey was not a part of the FDNY during September 11, 2001.

It's been a really mixed bag for firefighters since September 11: Once glorified, they've now been vilified and marginalized by New Yorkers, the city, and themselves, with memories fading, various firehouse closings, making the NYPD the go-to unit during emergencies, and a number of embarrassments in the FDNY. With the fourth anniversary, there have been a number of articles about the FDNY today, like last week's NY Times article about how more firefighters have substance problems after September 11. Newsday has been running excerpts of oral histories from September 11 emergency workers and the Times had a piece about how the firefighters were "clueless" about what would happen at the World Trade Center.