After rumors that Newsday's top editors were fired after a dispute with management—Cablevision bought the Long Island newspaper from the Tribune Company last year—uh, Newsday reports that its top editor John Mancini has returned. Marcini and editors Deborah Henley and Debby Krenek were not in the office last Thursday and Friday, fueling the speculation that Cablevision was unhappy over coverage of the sexual harassment lawsuit against Knicks player Eddy Curry. Cablevision is, infamously, the owner of the Knicks and Madison Square Garden. Mancini told his newsroom that there was a "difference of opinion with ownership over the editorial policy of Newsday. That has been settled" and added, "No one outside the newsroom influences... our news coverage in any way... Our only concern is that we get it right. Let's do our jobs and tell the story straight."