While some of us are lucky enough to enjoy a snow day from the comfort of our own homes, a few audacious newscasters bundled up and took to the streets to commit journalism. What did they find out? Well, it was really cold.

A few reporters seemed underprepared for last night's harsh weather. ABC7's Lauren Glassberg zipped her fur-lined coat up to her nose as she reported from Herald Square, saying that Macy's was still packed despite the weather. The channel's other newscaster, Jeff Pegues, was dispatched to the Fordham section of the Bronx, where he and a news crew looked on helplessly as a man in a Lincoln towncar attempted to drive uphill. And CNN's Alan Chernoff reported from a barren LaGuardia Airport in full CNN gear. Indeed, it seems that no news station can supply their weather reporters with anything warmer than a baseball cap emblazoned with their logo. How hard is it to make a CNN ushanka?

And then there are the pros. One MyFoxNY reporter tromped down 8th Avenue near Penn Station in snow up to his knees, and badass Weather Channel reporter Eric Fisher reported from JFK Airport last night without a hat. And that's how you get on the Weather Channel! CBS's Jennifer McLogan did mention she was prepared with double layers, but unfortunately she had to do her reporting from Hempstead, Long Island. Meanwhile, we can report that the cab driver outside our window has spent the last 45 minutes attempting to drive to the end of the block. He has made it about 30 feet.