If the city's self-declared war on rats hasn't convinced you it's just a matter of time before New York humans are overthrown in a Great Rat Coup D'Etat, a Long Island family has been forced from their home thanks to a post-Sandy rodent infestation.

The Panza family thought their Bellmore home had been largely spared in October's storm, having suffered only minor flooding. But then, the RATS descended; last month, patriarch Chris Panza started noticing a creature was gnawing on their living room sofa, and an exterminator says at least 14 rats have moved into the house, pushed out of sewer pipes from Sandy flooding. "Your kids are playing on the floor, playing video games, and to think there are rats within two feet of them. I want them out of there," Panza told NBC News. Glass half full? Free pets!

Of course, the rats aren't going to leave their new home without a fight. Though exterminators have set up traps all over the house, the rodents have been smart enough to elude capture, stealing bait, making a nest in the attic and burrowing in the walls. Workers say the best way to get rid of the rodents is to tear down the walls, and the cost could total $50,000. For now, the rat takeover is almost complete; the Panzas say they've moved out temporarily, and it's only a matter of time until the LIPA bill's transferred to this guy's account.