Photograph by Badison on Flickr

New data from NYC Transit reveals subway commuters are getting slower in recent years. The NY Post reels off the depressing numbers: "Through June, the number of delayed trains is up an average 24 percent from two years earlier, and 71 percent from three years earlier. And the distance trains travel without breaking down was down 7 percent in July from two years earlier, and 17 percent from three years earlier." And the areas of blame are lack of money for maintenance, higher ridership, additional track work to keep the 104-year-old system running.

As it happens, the news comes on a morning where there were a number of delays in the system. Reader Dorian writes, "Spent 45 minutes in a subway tunnel, B train, between W. 4 and 34th, heading north, about 8:15-9:00 this a.m. Due to what conductor called 'smoke condition at 59th street station' and brakeman added there was a sick person at 7th Avenue stop." Also, a person was hit by a train in Queens, affecting 7, A and D service, and there are signal problems at Bowling Green. Straphangers--bring your patience!