The NY Times' Real Estate section's lead feature was a story called "The Park Slope Parent Trap" (subheadline involved hipsters finding it hell but parents thinking it's heavenly), which is basically the umpteenth article that tries to capture the je ne sais quoi of the overrun-with-children enclave. Here are the approximate things to check off when you know you're a "real" Park Slope parent:

  • You don't care who sees you breastfeeding.
  • You don't care if you see a mom breastfeeding twins, one at each breast, at Two Boots Pizzeria.
  • You're on a quixotic quest to find a better baby carrier.
  • You truly feel that Park Slope is just like the East Village.
  • All your friends live along the F train.
  • A parent and his/her child will chide you for being a jaywalking parent w/baby
  • You worry about which place to get coffee, because you're not sure if the other mommies will accept you.
  • You have a fair amount of "I live in Park Slope" self-hate.

Somewhat related: In the NY Sun article about two Park Slope fathers who hope for a charter school in the Slope, the PS 321 PTA president Wesley Weisberg said that parents are "thrilled" about the idea of a charter school, "it wasn't like hearing about another new stroller."

Photograph of lost shoe by Atomische