The Center for Urban Future has compiled what they say is the first-ever ranking of national retailers that have the most stores in New York City. Fittingly called “Attack of the Chains,” the ranking includes data on more than 160 retailers operating in the city. (The recently announced Starbucks closings will reduce the coffee retailer's presence in New York to a scant 235 locations – unless the passionate protests of one Bay Ridge man stems the tide.)

No surprises here; the Mallification of New York is proceeding apace, on a road paved with Mom and Pop skulls. 32 retailers have 50 or more stores throughout the city, and 91 retailers have more than 10 outlets here. Yet despite the fact that the city’s small businesses are being rapidly replaced with chain stores you can find in any depressing strip mall across America, there still isn’t a single Dairy Queen in the five boroughs. And that burns.