2006_10_firm.jpgA former partner at a law firm is suing his old colleagues for discrimination. Steven Behar had been hired to head the securities division of at Wollmuth, Maher & Deutsch, but was later fired from his job after a series of incidents. Behar was struck with a number of physical problems (high blood pressure, bad headaches, sensitivity to light and noise) after starting the job, and that's when the alleged issues began. From the Daily News:

The complaint, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, paints two of the partners at the corporate and tax firm as verbal abusers who mocked Behar.

David Wollmuth and Rory Deutsch allegedly told Behar he needed to dress like a "big f-----g shot like us" so he could bed "better women."

They also knocked him for fraternizing with low-level workers and ordered him to "act like us and act like a big swinging d---," according to the court papers.

His suit also says he was accused of taking the day off to see the Yankees play when Behar says he was at a cardiologist. Behar's requests for disability leave were also allegedly ignored. Well, one can imagine that a law firm would like a more healthy partner, but firing someone after he or she has noted various health conditions - isn't that opening yourself up to a lawsuit? Behar has since opened his own practice and Wollmuth Maher & Deutsch says they will fight the lawsuit.