2007_06_catfreezer.JPGThe Office of Emergency Management would like to remind you that for the next three days, New York City will be grosser than usual, with the heat index tipping 90 every day. But the professionals at OEM are on the case with such well-researched tips as,"Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing" and "Use an air conditioner if you have one." What would we do without our City government?

But seriously, asthmatics should be extra cautious as ozone levels will be damn high and the OEM advises those with respiratory issues to stay indoors in the afternoon and early evening. Click on for more tips on how to beat the heat and to check current City air quality.

In other health news:

  • Queens may smell funny (or funnier than usual) on Thursday morning thanks to Department of Health plans to spray pesticide throughout the Rockaways on Wednesday night - the Rockaways are a hotbed of mosquito activity. While the pesticide is pretty safe, some people, particularly severe asthmatics, may be sensitive to the chemicals and should stay indoors that night. Fortunately, no cases of West Nile Virus have been reported this year.
  • So do you want a doctor who talks to you or not? You people don't know what you want.
  • Largest settlement ever for a Brooklyn family living in a lead-paint house.
  • If you can't have thick skin, go for the fake stuff.

Photograph of cat on a bodega freezer by occipital lobe on Flickr