Gothamist finds it hilarious that a study actually needs to be done to say that closing 6 of the 8 entrances at Penn Station during the Republican National Convention will cause "serious inconveniences" for the hundreds of thousands of people that travel through it, because it's such a no-brainer. You close three-quarters of all possible exits anywhere, it's going to be a mess - duh! The Times says railroad officials have known since April that the entrances would be closed. While officials admit it's going to be tough, they tell the Times they will "muddle through," noting that ridership dips 10% during August and that some people will be taking off during the convention. Still, LIRR Commuters Council vice-chairman says, "Honestly, I think it's going to be a horror show. It's going to be sardine city."

Are you taking off during the Republican National Convention? Some readers have said their bosses are giving them the time off. Or are you totally changing around your commute? And some permits are being issued for convention protests, but the big one is still pending.