After yesterday's announcement that the TLC will be cracking down on cellphone using cabbies, people on both sides of the plastic partition are not happy. Many drivers insist they use their cellphones responsibly and should not be punished. "My wife is home with cancer," one driver tells the New York Times, "If my cellphone rings, I’m going to pick it up." The new rules would forbid drivers from using any device capable of non-emergency phone calls, even if they were to pull over. One driver tells the Daily News"I understand that we can't talk on the phone while we're driving, but to say we can't pull over to take an emergency call...It's like a form of slavery."

Surprisingly, many passengers aren't too happy about this new ban either. One commenter told us, "eh let them talk. I'd rather they be jabbering at someone on their phone, rather than trying to talk to ME," while another didn't care how much his driver talked, as long as he could drive well. Then again, some regaled the wonderful, eccentric cabbie conversations of yesteryear, saying, "The ones who talk to me (if I'm in the mood to talk) and have some wacky story to tell get a much bigger tip from me." If neither option seems appealing, you can always get a ride from this guy (that is, until the TLC cracks down on him too!)