Have you ever had a hankering to express your inner-Paul Bunyan on a plane? Because you shouldn't! The TSA just Tweeted, "Passenger stopped with ax at LaGuardia checkpoint. You can't make up this sort of thing. An ax!" On the other hand, it would prove to flight attendants that passengers have balls.

We contacted the TSA for more details and spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said that on Friday, a man explained that he had the ax because "he was going camping." She estimated the ax to be "about 2-feet long... It really is a nice looking tool. He was given the option of checking his bag. Instead he chose to voluntarily surrender it at the checkpoint and went on his flight." Since it wasn't a police-related issue, the traveler was allowed to board his flight without his ax.

So now you know: Axes, as well as grenade-style lighters, are not cool for carry-on.