A Pennsylvania couple, David and Kimberly Reim, did that whole "oops, we left our irreplaceable items in a cab!" thing at the end of their wedding day. The newlyweds left behind their camera (and with it the memory card holding their wedding photos) when they were dropped off at the Cassa Hotel and Residences at West 45th Street and 6th Ave avenue on December 3rd around 11 p.m. Now they tell the Daily News they're "looking for a holiday miracle. All we want is just the memory card. I don't care about the camera. They can have the camera."

They? The camera wasn't stolen, but presumably they believe whoever got in the cab next has kept it for themselves. So far the TLC and two Manhattan precincts they called have no leads—so it may be time to start combing Craigslist and setting up an amateur sting operation.