Police are investigating whether charges need to be brought against a 14-year-old mother whose newborn son was found dead in her room at the Park West apartments in Coney Island. The girl's mother brought her to Coney Island Hospital early this morning because she was bleeding, and a doctor determined she had just given birth. The doctor alerted the police because the girl had not brought the baby in, and they found him in a plastic bag behind her bed.

Neither neighbors nor the girl's parents seemed to know that the girl was pregnant in the past months. One told CBS 2, “She’s just like any other average, young, 14-year-old girl. I don’t understand; why wouldn’t I hear no screaming for the labor pains, she had to have had help." A medical examiner will determine how the infant died and police are questioning the girl to see if charges should be pressed against her. However, another neighbor blamed the parents for the tragedy. "These parents need to be involved and know what their kids are doing," she said. "You're a mother, a woman, you're supposed to know. If you're 14 years old, you're a baby yourself."