Hey, you may not be allowed to carry more than 3 ounces of liquids in your carry-on items, but some TSA screeners are apparently cool about letting a smoke bomb go through screening—and missing a hunting knife on a passenger! According to MyFoxNY, both incidents happened at Newark Liberty International Airport.

The passenger with the hunting knife ended up turning the knife over to a gate agent before getting on his flight: "But the TSA didn't interview him and even let him get on the plane, the law enforcement source said. The Port Authority Police said they were not called to the area.... Hours later, TSA screeners spotted a smoke bomb the size of a dynamite stick inside a bag. But instead of leaving it in the machine and calling cops, one screener took the smoke device out of the bag and showed it to colleagues, the law enforcement source said. The passenger in that incident was also allowed to board the plane."

The TSA claims that protocol was followed in the smoke bomb incident, but admitted that the agent who missed the hunting knife was going through remedial training. Hope those subway bag checks are going well!