2006_05_corybooker.jpgCory Booker, who unsuccessfully ran for Mayor of Newark a few years ago in a bitter race against longtime mayor Sharpe James, was elected by a huge margin to lead the 64th biggest city in the country. His opponent, NJ State Senator Ronald Rice, (who was outspent and outmatched) conceded around 10PM; the Star-Ledger notes he didn't mention Booker by name. Booker will be only the third new Mayor of Newark in 36 years, and people are hoping for a big change. Booker, with degrees from Stanford, Oxford and Yale, has said he'll be more a "manager" of government (he has stated he models himself after Mayor Bloomberg) than a politician.

Here's the City of Newark website. The Booker-James mayoral race was captured in the documentary Street Fight. There's an interesting article on the Street Fight site about Booker as a "great black hope," comparing him to Barack Obama.