A pilot landing at Newark Airport yesterday bounced the plane on the runway so hard that it knocked ceiling panels into the aisle, then aborted the landing and circled back around.

The pilot of United Airlines Flight 557 from Houston was coming in for a landing at around 3 p.m. when he or she first had trouble.

214 passengers were on board, according to NBC4.

A passenger told the station that the pilot tried to land once and the plane "skipped on the runway," then the pilot pulled up, tried again, and banged off the ground several more times before aborting the landing and heading skywards again.

Video shot by passengers shows ceiling panels dangling in the aisle following the hard impacts.

Data logged on FlightRadar24 shows that the pilot flew in a circle for 25 minutes before landing again. Sometimes you just need a mulligan.

"My seatmate and I were joking that we were gonna be the next season of 'Lost,'" the
passenger said.


Airline reps told reporters that the plane is being repaired.

No one suffered injuries from the botched landing, and no pieces of the plane ended up on the runway, according to the airline.

Update 12:35 p.m.:

A reader wrote to say that he took the same United flight from Houston last Wednesday.

He described the landing as "a bit bumpier than usual," but nothing like the multiple attempts described by passengers this week.

Nevertheless, a ceiling panel popped out.

"It just struck me as interesting that it happened again on the same flight a week later," he said.

A Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman said the agency is investigating.

We've reached out to United for further information.

We'll update if we hear back.