Newark Airport was briefly evacuated yesterday when a man apparently slipped in through an exit at Terminal C. When passengers were allowed back inside, everyone had to be re-screened.

The incident occurred around 7 p.m.; the NY Times reports, "a man entered the terminal through a secure hallway exit door near Gate 121. The man, who was not immediately identified, was stopped by Customs and Border Protection agents and was turned over to the police of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, a spokesman for the authority said."

One traveler, Richard Krezwick, took this dramatic photograph above, explaining on Facebook, "So I'm walking down C Concourse to catch a flight and I hear screaming behind me. 10 TSA agents are chasing a white male. They are running right at me!! I throw my briefcase in front of the guy they're chasing, trip him and a customs agent draws his gun!! That's what you see here. I took off when they drew their guns about 12 feet from me."

The Post identified the man as Russian national Andrei Kuzmine, 43, who was allegedly "claiming that “people were going to kill him and he had to get away" and also "assaulted a TSA agent before he could be apprehended by officers." He didn't have a boarding pass either.

Another traveler told WABC 7, "As he was being marched out of the terminal, he had a big silly grin. He was kind of laughing to himself as the officers walked him out."

Passengers were allowed back about two hours after the incident.