Department of Sanitation; Photo: DOS/NYC

With heightened security around Madison Square Garden for the RNC, the Department of Sanitation won't only be hauling your garbage, but the garbage around The Garden as well. NY1 points out that the DOS estimates the extra services will cost them $150,000. They also remind you that the convention is from August 30 to September 2 - just in case you've been living in a cave. Gothamist wonders if the DOS was also asked to calculate the cost of throwing out convention goers/protesters as well. Then we realized who was mayor.

With NYC employees handling garbage disposal, it will be easier for the police to control who goes in and out of the secure area around the convention site. But do sanitation workers undergo background checks? Aren't garbage trucks just another form of bomb-hiding vehicle? Now that's a real dirty bomb!

But we all know that New York's Strongest would never do us wrong. After all, if you're going to call maggots "disco rice" and organize funerals for abandoned babies, you can't be a bad person. We do, however, presume that it's easier to check the background of a city employee that that of someone that works at a private hauling company.