We know this month has basically been one long heat wave, but we had no idea what we were putting up with. A reader's travel plans led to a rather interesting discovery. He wrote to us, "Traveling to Kenya in about a week and was gearing up to have more of the same temperature. I checked a single day’s weather, liked what I saw, then charted the whole month of July thus far. Someone please call Mr. Gore."

While New York has been baking in the 90s (and the occasional 100) for much of the month, Nairobi, Kenya, classified as having a mild "Subtropical Highland climate," has been chillin' in the 60s and 70s all month. It's actually Kenya's cool season right now, but our reader's discovery inspired us to see how New York's heat stacked up against that of other cities with sweatier reputations. And did you know that today will be the 17th day above 90 this year—that's the average amount for an entire year.

As you can see, our temperatures exceeded those in Cairo, Egypt on several days, and overall, averaging out our city's relatively wild fluctuations in temperature, we seem more on par with Miami than anywhere else. So why didn't we get LeBron James?