2005_09_salary.jpgIt's New York magazine's 2005 Salary Survey, and the lesson is clearly: The city is full of rich people who are not you. In our highly unscientific early-morning survey of a few pages of the survey, it seems that well over half of the incomes are over $1 million. According to the U.S. Census, only 3% of New York City households have an income of over $250,000. Overlaying that with the number of households in the city, that's just over 90,000 households. Gothamist expects many people to be obsessing over this survey while at work today.

The survey does try to show the gamut of what one could make in NYC. In fact, there are a lot of people who probably make way less than you (like the Chinese food delivery man who makes just over $5,000, not including tips). Here's a sampling of incomes:

- Edward Lampert, Manager, ESL Investments hedge fund: $1.02 billion (yes, billion)
- David Neeleman, Chairman and CEO of Jetblue: $286,971
- Chris, panhandler on Bleecker and Broadway: $24,000
- Judge Judy: $30 million
- Chuck Scarborough, Anchor, WNBC News: $3 million
- Sue Simmons, Anchor, WNBC News: $2.5 million
-Edwin Young, NYPD anti-graffiti coordinator: $149,766
- Travis Toy, Line coordinator, Whole Foods Union Square: $20,800
- Jessica Coen, Blogger, Gawker.com: $30,000
- Uma Thurman, Actress, Be Cool: $3 million
- Sydney Davolos, General Manager of the Roundabout Theather: $100,000
- Glen O'Sullivan, subway conductor: $46,833
- John Sexton, President of NYU: $740,504
- Wol-san Liem, Teaching Assistant, NYU: $19,000
- Scott Newman, plastic surgeon: $500,000
- Twenty, Fire dog, Ladder Co. 20: Free walks, food, housing

New York magazine does admit that some of the numbers are guesses and says that when they asked some other sources, they got snark instead. "...Explaining Maggie Gyllenhaal’s per-movie price, one studio executive kindly offered, 'She’s a no-one.'" For the record, NY magazine says she's making $500,000 for the Oliver Stone movie about 9/11.

Is this survey motivating or enervating? Or is this too much about NYC's obsession with moolah?