Derek Jeter

Single ladies of New York (or does Gothamist call you Quirkyalones?), worry some more: If you're looking for a rich and single man, New York is the not the place to nab one. Marketing firm, Teasley, released a study (here's the Word document version) that shows the 10 cities where rich, single men are, and New York is not one of them. Granted, some of the cities are Anchorage and Fort Walton Beach, FL (retirement city), but San Francisco (#1), DC, and Boston also make the list. Just realize that this list doesn't say anything about "young" or "hot."

The Daily News counts Derek Jeter as a quintessential New York rich bachelor, but come on, unless you're on MTV or in a beauty pageant, DJ's not a good example. One bachelor tells the DN, "There are lots of rich single men in this city - lawyers and financial service guys. But maybe they're just not the greatest guys to go out with." Subtext: Just wring as many free meals and drinks out of them as you can.