Time for a New York version With the recent New York tragedy of the undercover cop killings (with the surreal capture of one suspect while he was dressed as a women, in a wig and bra - "the ugliest woman" a witness who called in the tip had seen) and the series of killings in Queens and Brooklyn (which are incredibly scary, when you think about how often you go to the corner store or bodega...crazy people just coming in and shooting customers in the head), Gothamist suggests that NY1 or the MetroChannel or one of the local networks have a New York version of America's Most Wanted to alert New Yorkers about people they should be on the lookout for. Sure, the local newscast have the info and police sketches on their broadcasts, but we think a dedicated program would be a good idea and viewers would be psychologically ready to absorb the information, versus the soundbites while in a regular news program. Especially when considering the the Elizabeth Smart case - apparently one of the couples noticed Brian Mitchell because they were dedicated America's Most Wanted viewers. Gothamist used to watch it, in the early days of Fox, but these days, we don't even know when it's on.