Fewer New Yorkers have been diagnosed with HIV than ever before, according to a report released today by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in conjunction with World AIDS Day.

Last year, 2,832 New Yorkers were diagnosed with HIV, and 1,784 were diagnosed with AIDS, a striking decrease from data recorded a decade ago, which saw 7,744 new HIV cases and 5,422 AIDS cases.

Obviously there's still work to be done. Men who have sex with men represent more than half of all diagnoses, and black and Hispanic women represent more than 88 percent of new cases among women.

“I am proud to celebrate an historic low for new HIV diagnoses in New York City, but, 2,800 individuals newly infected with HIV are still too many people," Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett said in a statement. "We must strive harder to reach communities of color, which bear the highest burden of HIV.”

In order to help spread awareness and information, the city today released a new City Health Information bulletin, intended to serve as a resource for New Yorkers about screenings, testing and more.