Has the dry summer heat turned your precious lawn into a dead brown eyesore? Wait, you have a precious lawn?! Well, la dee da! it must be such a burden keeping it pretty for all us lawn-less slobs to admire. But if you're tired of paying landscapers (or nagging your deadbeat son) to mow the lawn and water the grass, there is an elegant solution. A Staten Island-based company will come and paint it green for you!

Entrepreneur Joe Perazzo, whose day job is teaching physical education at Brooklyn's High School of Sports Management, tells the Staten Island Advance that he noticed a few years ago that his school's football field was being painted to cover up the brown spots. Perazzo saw dollar signs in the green, and found a company in Arizona named Speclawn that makes permanent non-toxic, biodegradable and odorless paint. His company, Grass is Greener, turns dreary brown grass into a painted masterpiece in just a few hours.

The beauty of this is, if the grass is dead, the paint is permanent, and you never have to water or mow it again! And even if the grass is alive, you can still pay Perazzo to paint it a vibrant green, which lasts approximately three months. His treatment costs just $125 for 2,000 square feet, and for an extra $25, Perazzo will also mow the grass before he pimps your lawn. Trees and shrubs can also be painted green, according to the Grass Is Greener website.

It's a smart business model, considering how desperate some people are for a fastidiously-maintained lawn that makes the neighbors' feel envious and inadequate. Can lawn vajazzling be far behind?