2005_06_mijaverd.jpgAs the Michael Jackson not guilty verdict was announced yesterday, crowds gathered in Times Square and gasped, cheered, or just were dumbstruck. Many New Yorkers seem to believe he was guilty of something, and were surprised that he was found not guilty on all counts, but not that surprised that a celebrity was found not guilty. Some thought that the trial was a witch hunt, and one Bronx woman told the Daily News, "Michael, if you ever want to have any more babies, contact me." All in all, there was every opinion under the sun. Jackson friend Reverend Jesse Jackson did tell Matt Lauer on the Today Show that MJ should never share his bed with a young boy again; let's hope the Reverend's words ring true.

Some New York office workers gathered around televisions, while some tried desperately to connect to streaming video or radio. Gothamist ended up asking someone with a TV to put us on speakerphone so we could hear the verdict. Did you try to experience the verdict live, or did you eschew this latest pop culture courtroom drama?

Photograph from Reuters