This is New York City's snowiest January ever—36 inches since January 1—but after the December 26-27 blizzard and other recent snow fall, it's getting a little tired. This is the Big Apple, not Carl Paladino's hometown, but the NY Times proclaims, "This Winter, New York City Is the New Buffalo."

The snow response from the city was better this time around, but now people are complaining about the plows: One resident on Staten Island explained to WCBS 2, “I think it’s ridiculous. It’s really ridiculous. All the plows push it into everybody’s cars, and we all got to dig it out." Elsewhere, people are navigating slush puddles the size of studio apartments—one reader said of a notorious one at West 72nd Street and Broadway that it was "proving trecherous to old and young" alike.


The NY Times and Daily News have some fun graphics showing the accumulation we've had so far (the Times' graphic basically tells us we're screwed).