First they wanted casinos and gas drilling. Now New Yorkers are waiting with bated breath as Govenor Cuomo decides if fireworks can be legally sold in the state.

The bill that weakens the Empire State's ban on fireworks, and would allow those over the age of 18 to purchase "handheld or ground-based sparklers, noisemakers, and other small items like toy smoke devices and glow worms." Aerial explosives would still be banned (and presumably ones found by the NYPD would still be blown up like this). The proposal was approved by the State Legislature at the end of last year's session; it's estimated that the measure would bring in millions in sales tax revenue, because many out-of-state fireworks sellers get NY business.

But not everyone is excited about allowing easy access to tiny explosives. Mayor Bloomberg is hoping that Cuomo vetoes the bill, and so is David Jacobwitz, president of the Fireman's Association of the State of New York, who questions the state legislature's plan that encourages profit from putting risky merchandise on the market.

Look, this is America. We like explosions and reserve the right to catch our hands on fire (or limbs blown off). New York is just one of four states that still bans fireworks—should we join the rest of the country and go back to the lawless, pre-Giuliani days of hundreds of fireworks-related fires and dozens of fireworks-related injuries?