Might as well start calling him Teflon Kelly—as far as public opinion polls go, scandals just don't seem to stick to our police commissioner. A new poll out of Quinnipiac University finds that 62 percent of New Yorkers approve of Kelly's job performance, down just four points since December despite the recent anti-Islam video brouhaha Kelly has been stuck in (to name just one of his headaches). In fact, when it comes to the treatment of muslims by the men in blue, New Yorkers don't seem too upset about how police handle the religion.

Despite recent revelations about the NYPD's arguably unlawful spying on mosques, 60 percent of New Yorkers think the department has "acted appropriately" in dealing with Muslims, while only 24 percent say police have "unfairly targeted Muslims." And when it comes to terrorism, people are even more pro-cop. 77 percent of those polled say the NYPD has been effective combating terrorism.

And while we are on the topic of Kelly's ability to deflect, the man is hard at work trying to cut off as much criticism as possible regarding the fatal police shooting of unarmed Bronx teen Ramarley Graham last week. After protests, not only has Kelly ordered a full review of the case (Apparently, "Officer Richard Haste, who fired the bullet that killed Ramarley Graham, had no training in street level narcotics enforcement or plainclothes cop work.") but he has also ordered a "top-to-bottom review of procedures for street-level narcotics officers" in the wake the shooting. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, if Kelly wants to be mayor in 2013...looks like he's still got a pretty good chance.