For the second time in under a year—and possibly the second time in recorded history—New Yorkers managed to go 24 straight hours without shooting, stabbing or slashing each other. The Daily News reports the feat was achieved this past Thursday; the last time it occurred was on Nov. 26th, 2012. Too bad the Bad Old Days™ had to storm back almost immediately afterwards.

The streak was snapped Friday when one man was fatally shot in Brooklyn. But future bank cop Ray Kelly and future columnist Mayor Bloomberg were both proud of the achievement: “In the last month, we have seen the NYPD do the following: prevent a single homicide from occurring for an entire week — a first in New York City; catch the killer in a 22-year-old murder; and now pull off the feat of no murders, no shootings and no stabbings for an entire day in a city of 8.4 million,” a spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg said. “The examples of why we have the finest police department in the world just keep coming.”

Twice in the past year NYC has gone through extended periods without any murders: back in January the city went nine days without a murder (which some attributed to the cold weather), and more recently, the city went a full week without any homicides (although there were six traffic fatalities during that period).

As it stands right now, NYC is currently on pace in 2013 to have the lowest number of homicides in over 60 years. It's just too bad it'll all go right out the window once Mayor de Pinko is in charge, amirite?