popemobile.jpgInterested observers who want to see Pope Benedict during his April visit to New York, but couldn't score tickets to his appearance at Yankee Stadium, will be able to glimpse the head of the Roman Catholic church's hierarchy as he cruises the city in the Popemobile. Pope Benedict will be taking the bullet proof bubble car from St. Patrick's Cathedral to a residence where he's staying on the Upper East Side April 19th. He'll also be taking the specially outfitted vehicle to the Bronx, where he'll lap the field at Yankee Stadium before he performs mass for ticket holders.

The Popemobile is actually several different vehicles of varying makes and models, usually depending on which country the Pope is visiting, (it's usually a domestic model from the host country). They're all generally recognized by a standing room cabin in the rear where the Pope is protected by bullet proof glass on all four sides. It became widely used after the attempted 1981 assassination of Pope John Paul II at the direction of the U.S.S.R.'s KGB via the Bulgarian secret police.

Pope Benedict will be in NYC for three days, after he spends some time in Washington, DC. In addition to the mass at Yankee Stadium, Benedict will visit Ground Zero, St. Joseph's church on the Upper East Side, and address the United Nations.