A new national analysis of cell phone usage based on wireless bills has revealed that New Yorkers talk for a lot less time on the phone than you'd imagine. New York ranks 15th in the nation for total number of calls, but is nearly last for the duration of its conversations. "The data support the idea that we have a lot to say, but we say it in a very efficient manner," Jonathan Carson, CEO of Nielsen's telecom branch, told The Post.

The media-tracking firm went through the phone bills of 60,000 people for one year. The most gabbiest cell phone users are in Georgia, where people chat an average of well over 800 minutes a month (New Yorkers managed only 713). The average phone call in NY lasts just 3.7 minutes. Unsurprisingly, teens were the biggest texters, sending or receiving an average of 2,779 messages per month, more than twice the number sent by those aged 18 to 24. According to Carson, "texting peaks at age 16. Voice minutes, on the other hand, peak at age 24."

According to the AP, the survey also concludes that blacks talk and text more than whites, and women talk more than men. Blacks talk an average of 1,331 minutes per month, and text 780 messages per month, compared with 647 talk minutes and 566 texts per month for whites. Women talk 22% more than men (856 minutes per month compared with 667) and also text 34% more.