New Yorkers are having buyers remorse. Or, rather, they are having vicarious buyer's remorse on behalf of Michael Bloomberg, who spent quite a pretty penny getting himself a third term at mayor. According to a new New York Times poll nearly three-quarters of New Yorkers now say Bloomberg should not have been allowed to run for a third term (which, he shouldn't have been?). Better late than never?

To be sure, not everyone has those regrets. In fact, some New Yorkers would be happy to have our 70-year-old billionaire run the city forever. With 18 months to go in his third term, a quarter of New Yorkers say they'd vote to keep him on for a fourth term (65 percent say they would vote him out). Something tells us Christine Quinn might object to that, though!

And alhough New Yorkers have grown cold on the idea of Bloomberg's third term, they haven't really changed their feelings about how Hizzoner has been doing despite the nanny state, OWS, and all that: "Forty-eight percent of the poll’s respondents approved of his job performance, and 39 percent disapproved, about the same as a year ago."

And the poll also has some straight up good news for Bloomberg: The number of New Yorkers who describe the local economy as good has jumped way up in the past year, from 29 percent to 45 percent.