The number of divorces in New York took a big jump this year, but it wasn't because of gay marriage (they only just got hitched—give 'em time!). No, the reason that the number of divorces has risen nearly 12 percent is because last October New York finally caught up with the rest of the country and instituted no-fault divorces ("divorce on demand," if you are the Catholic Church).

According to an analysis of court data, "there were 37,015 divorce filings statewide from October 2010 through this May, compared to 33,160 in the year-ago period." It is a safe assumption that at least some of that jump is from spouses who previously had not wanted to lie about fake infidelities in order to say sayonara to the former loves of their lives. Lawyers say that older couples in particular had been wary of splitting without strong enough grounds.

But so far the changes haven't been a huge windfall for lawyers. Though attorneys are helping file more divorces, the actual legal proceedings are now less laborious. Biz Journal talked to a few who "expect no-fault divorce to reduce the number of jury trials, which offer the biggest paydays." Luckily for lawyers, there are still so many other ways they can get cash money from their clients: