Finally some good news to talk about for NYU spokespeople: A Princetown Review says that high school kids' top dream college is NYU, beating schools like Harvard, Stanford, Yale and Princeton. Parents, though, chose Stanford as their top choice as to where to send their children and many, many dollars. Princeton Review says that NYC's crime reductions and situation in the best city in the world (okay, the best city in the world part we made up) is why NYU rose to the top; it's unclear whether proximity to Mary-Kate and Ashley was a factor. Hey, *someone* had to have been buying their clothes and DVDs. While this list is a nice factoid, one NYU junior told the Daily News that NYU turns "'bright-eyed freshmen' into 'hard, jaded seniors who feel like a number in a vast bureaucracy.'" Ah, yes, the New York Dream is alive and well.