Facebook's official statistics leave a lot to be desired. Sure there are 400 million active users, but where are they? In an attempt to answer that question, Mashable came out with this handy infographic that comes close to pinpointing your every obsessive move. So what does it say about New York? We're #1, sort of! Like.

Though the state slips behind South Dakota as the state with the highest percentage of Facebook accounts, the city has nearly 3.5 million Facebook users, more than any other city. Philadelphia has the highest percentage of Facebook users in the city, with almost all of their 1.5 million residents having an active account. It also looks like the social networking site isn't very popular in the southwest. New Mexico has the lowest percentage of users at 10.3%, and Phoenix has the lowest percentage of users out of any city. Nobody on Facebook was available for comment on New York's victory, as they were too busy buying seeds on Farmville.