Some NYC area stories Gothamist has been following:
- A Queens couple played Russian roulette and the boyfriend died. Okay, YIKES. Russian roulette is no joke - apparently the couple removed four of the five bullets from a .32 caliber gun and took turns holding the gun to each other's heads (or in their mouths) and pulled the trigger. Now, when you think about the odds, someone is going to die.
- The formerly conjoined twins that were separated last week seem to be doing okay
- Hip-hop could have some positive effects, if the performers use positive messages, according to a hip hop and domestic violence coference at CUNY school York College.
- Joel Steinberg talks to the media - the Post who interviewed him on Saturday and NY magazine features him on the cover.
- The Daily News describes an ex-New Yorker who was murdered in the X-Box murder in Florida as "being in the wrong place at the wrong time." This is just as bad as the murders over 8-Ball jackets in the late 80s, early 90s. Interestingly, am New York featured the X-Box murder as their cover story.
- Gotham Gazette looks at how the Mayor has launced a number of health initiatives (smoking ban, for one) but that insurance costs and the rising number of infectious diseases may thwart his efforts.
- A man threw a pit bull off a Brooklyn rooftop, after the pit bull attacked him and a three month old baby. The pit bull died and its owner was charged with reckless endangerment; the baby is in serious but stable condition and the man is in stable condition.