Well, along with the news today that New York's airways have surpassed Chicago's to become the busiest in the nation (nearly 100 million travelers!), comes this crazy e-mail into the Gothamist mailbox:

Has anyone looked up at the new york sky lately, say since october. Well if you have then you must have noticed the strange clouds. Linear parallel clouds that some times intersect at right angles. Seems too unnatural to be created from nature. But if you actually look up and watch you will notice that these clouds are created from planes. They do not dissipate, as does the trails from commercial passenger jets. In October there have been a total of 99,427 flights in and out of JFK, LGA and EWR. Imagine what the sky would look like if every jet produced this kind of trail, We would
never see the blue of day. I am surprised that the media has not reported these strange clouds. For the sake of our health whether ours, our children's or
the environments there must be an explanation. If these trails are created for our benefit then we should know. Are they Vitamins?, are they pesticides for the west nile virus? or is it something else? Why are you sitting idle. Report something!

So, there, we've reported something. Anyone got something to add about those crazy exhaust clouds? Personally, we're not too worried, should we be?

Photograph of clouds provided as evidence with the above e-mail.