Joel Klein should be thanking his lucky stars that Martin Luther King Jr. is dead-- because if he wasn't, MLK would be breaking out a huge can of whoop-ass on the Board of Education right now. Why? Check out this Post article: New York schools are amongst the most segregated in the entire country. We were curious, so we surfed over to Harvard and downloaded the original academic report, entitled "Racial Transformation and the Changing Nature of Segregation." It's about 40 pages long, and a very interesting read if you are curious about the state of segregation in our nation's various school systems. If you care just about NYC, though, we've pulled out two relevant charts. The first shows how few students in NYC go to multiracial schools:


The second shows how New York state ranks as just about the most segregated place to get an education in all of America:


Of course, segregation in education has a lot to do with segregation in housing-- in New York, many neighborhoods are split along color lines, and that produces schools that are divided the same way. Until we integrate our neighborhoods, there isn't much chance of integrating our school districts.