Lately, there has been a lot of confusion over whether New York Road Runners had gone back on their promise to give guaranteed slots in the 2013 marathon to registered 2012 runners. Today, NYRR got back to us to reiterate that nothing has changed in that regard: "There's no change to what Mary said about guaranteed entry in 2013. We were solely communicating about the 9 plus 1 credit. Since members were asking if they would receive the credit we wanted to address that question."

Having said that...there's still a bit of confusion around everything else involved with the details of the race, and how the 9+1 Program (NYRR-registered runners have to complete nine NYRR races and volunteer at one race in order to get a spot to the highly-competitive race without going through a lottery) affects that. On their Facebook page, there's still a lot of people's questions that haven't been answered, so we asked a few followup questions which also were not answered, including:

Will this mean that the lottery pool will be more competitive for 2013? Will paid entrance fees for the last marathon will be transferred to this one? If a runner can't run in 2013, could they transfer that guarantee to another marathon? And lastly, are you planning to clarify and expand upon your Facebook statement (since it looks like a lot of people had questions about 2013 that haven't been answered)?

Their boilerplate response: "We are working hard to resolve all issues resulting from the cancellation of the Marathon as quickly as possible. We will share information as soon as it becomes available. We thank runners for their continued patience and support." If you have more questions about this year's marathon, you can write them below and we'll hopefully be able to get some more answers soon.