2005_10_nypress.jpgWe've heard that things are going badly over at the New York Press, but that's no excuse for what we saw over on their site today. Remember the tragic story of Dennis Kim, the 22 year old poet who drowned in the Hudson two weeks ago trying to retrieve a book of his poems? The Press's JR Taylor follows up on the story, and goes sort of nuts insulting the dead-- first accusing him of being a pedophile, and then calling him "lame" and a "dead creep"-- all this for possibly having slept with a girl five years younger than himself:

We noticed when the Post originally reported that Kim had been with 17-year-old Jennifer Hare when he made his dive into the Hudson. Now we find out that the 22-year-old had a former girlfriend who was also 17. Exactly how former of a girlfriend was Nowak? Was Kim so lame that he was actually dating a 16-year-old back when he was twenty-one?

If we had a notebook full of our romantic writings about underage girls, we would also go to extremes to keep it in our possession. If we lost that notebook, we'd probably throw ourselves into the Hudson just to be spared the embarrassment.

There are enough lousy poets in this city that we never felt obliged to regret the loss of Kim's future work. Now we're not so sure we even care about some dead creep who couldn't do better than using his verse to score with high-school girls. Still, it's too bad we didn't know about Kim back when we were assigning those articles on Lolita.

Gothamist to NY Press: eww eww eww. Kim died trying to save his art-- he's a tragic figure, and deserves a lot more respect than what you've shown him here. Pull yourself together and start writing something good. Thanks.