Police commissioner Ray Kelly is tasked with the important job of protecting us from


terrorism, and in order to do this effectively, he may have to spy on Muslims. To make a safety omelet, you have to crack a few Korans! Unfortunately, the city council didn't take too kindly to Kelly's counterterrorism tactics of trailing terror-denouncing imams or violating the rights of innocent people, and grilled him at a hearing on Thursday. Kelly can take care of himself, but the New York Post's editorial board is here to help: "Kelly refused to apologize for a decade of brilliant police work. Good for him." Damn straight. Love is never having to say "I'm sorry (I pulled you over because of the color of your skin)."

The Post calls the work of the Associated Press a "bogus…disgraceful piece of agitprop," and the city council's hearing "distasteful." It didn't even have a pithy headline! Without ever citing a specific example in which it was warranted, the editorial states, "Yes, those leaves have drawn undercover cops into stores, cafes and mosques to track radical activity. But that’s a good thing: It’s helped thwart some 13 plots against New York since 9/11." Wait, there's a mosque INSIDE of a Times Square hot dog cart? Call Pamela Geller!

So what if the NYPD may be breaking federal law in its surveillance tactics? It's not as if they have a problem tackling racial issues anyway.