Well, New York Republican politicians must have felt right at home in D.C., because it looked just liked New York City did last year during the Republican National Convention. Both Governor Pataki and former Mayor Giuliani were in attendance (they got to sit in a special Presidential box), but the NY Times reports that Pataki had a much higher profile, hosting a party and smelling more like a rose in the Republican Party. Giuliani was uncharacteristically subdued, perhaps still reeling from the whole Bernard Kerik mess; plus, the Republicans probably just wanted to get loose and not hear about September 11 every single moment. Disgraced Homeland Security nominee and former NYC Police Commissioner Kerik did attend the inauguration, and he's able to laugh about things; he told reporters, "Well, at least I got a vacation out of it."

Photograph from DCist, where there is piping hot Inauguration coverage