According to a new ranking of international cities for "global innovation economy in volatile economic conditions," Boston is the most innovative city in the world the second year in a row. New York came in at #5 according to an index "based on measuring 31 common industry and community segments weighted against global trends," though the Innovation Cities website doesn't seem to mention just what those are, or what any of it means. We just know we beat San Francisco.

New York ranked #2 in the Americas, beating out cities like Washington DC, Toronto and Chicago for innovative "nexus cities." We ranked #5 nationwide, falling beneath Paris, Amsterdam and Vienna. And though the press release mostly reads like nonsense, it seems like good news. They write, "Top-ranked cities may have better economic opportunities for all of us, due to their innate innovation economics, building future industries for employment and community services." So, cool? New York: Come for the innovation, stay to find love because you're a man.