2005_03_bestofny.jpgIt's that time of the year again: NY Magazine's Best of New York issue is out. This is when already fans of certain establishments must put up with the hordes of people trying to get in on the action. For instance, restaurant Ici in Fort Greene will never be under the radar again. But it is helpful knowing that G+G Cleaners on Grand Street is a great cheap place for alterations and that Simadi Salon has good $50-100 haircuts. And who knew quilting was the next big hobby? Gothamist was happy to see that the top pick for best Chinese Banquet was Shanghai Pavilion, which we visited after a NY Times rave. However, also included this year are overrated food joints, like Peter Luger and Magnolia Bakery, but we doubt this will have much effect on these Teflon places.

Also: The handy A-Z guide to the Best of the NY picks.