Say what you will about Mark Sanchez's penchant for showtunes, but at least he doesn't have highlights streaking his long, flowing locks. And now, to further Tom Brady's inevitable transformation into that 17-year-old-girl-you-hate, he is becoming he official spokesman for UGG Boots. UGG CEO Angel Martinez announced on "Mad Money," "We have decided that we needed to just get the word out there that it’s a brand for guys, give guys permission to wear UGG. And who better to give guys permission to wear UGG than Tom Brady?" He does have an overcompensating beard now.

For Rex Ryan, it's never too early in the week to take a shot at the Patriots, whom the Jets face off against next Monday. But he toned it down from the hubris that has earned the Jets so much criticism this year. He told the Daily News, "In the general court of public opinion, absolutely we're the underdogs. Do I view us as the underdogs? No, I think we're going to win."

He saved the jokes for Tom Brady, comparing himself to the buff quarterback because they both have "supermodel" wives. Ryan said, "I never realized how similar that I am to Tom Brady. I mean, the obvious physical appearance would be the first thing. The fact that he's married to a supermodel? Hello?" Ryan is referring to his wife's modeling for NFL Women's Apparel. Tom Brady's wife, Gisele, was probably too expensive for the shoot.