2005_11_peterbraunnymag.jpgThis might be the most alarmist issue of New York magazine ever! The city's weekly takes the time to summarize the insane saga of strange bird Peter Braunstein, the suspected Halloween sexual attacker. There are some choice tidbits about Braunstein's iex-girlfriend and interactions with colleagues, there are also some withering critiques of his style:

In this [cutthroat fashion magazine] environment it was normal for people to be working a persona, but no one quite got Braunstein’s—the Jheri-curl mullet, Huckapoo shirts, velvet blazers, an unironic briefcase (for shame!), and the daily parade of leather pants. “Studio 54 by way of the electronics shop,” says one co-worker; “as if he discovered mousse ten years too late”; “a hair trope like Robert Townsend in The Hollywood Shuffle”; “could’ve been the drummer from Boston circa 1971.”

Well, New York may have succeeded in pushing him further over the edge. And then there's news that Braunstein was obsessed with Jane Fonda. Crap, we hope the NYPD has contacted Atlanta authorities to keep an eye on her!

New York also has stories about Goldman Sachs' $11 billion in bonuses, the possibility of Katie Couric as an evening anchor, cruising in the men's bathrooms at the Time-Warner Center (just in time for the holiday shopping season?) and how Google is evil, as per publishing houses. Clearly, we live in the best city in the world.