Ever been stuck in traffic on the Kosciuszko Bridge for so long that you think to yourself, "I would like nothing more than to blow this bridge the hell up, because I hate it with my life"? Great news, because with a new Kosciuszko Bridge almost ready to take on traffic, the state is blowing the old one straight to hell.

Governor Cuomo told CBS2 that in order to speed up the construction of the new Kosciuszko Bridge, the state will blow up the old one at some point this summer. In addition to being a totally awesome way to dispose of a piece of infrastructure, Cuomo says the move will speed up the completion of the new bridge by seven to nine months. The state is able to disintegrate the 78-year-old span because the new bridge will be able to take on traffic starting in April. However construction on the entire project, which includes a second bridge that will have a pedestrian and bike path, won't be completely done until 2020.

According to the Post, the Brooklyn and Queens approaches of the bridge will be blown up, and then the middle section of the bridge will be hauled away by construction crews. So sadly, it won't be as satisfying to watch as if they just vaporized the entire thing. And hey, Governor, if you need someone to do it on the cheap, I know a guy: