You want to know why New York is the greatest city in the world? It's because a tourist can get hit by a cop car and still want to come back. Johannes Glaumann, a tourist on his second visit to the city from Stockholm, was struck by an NYPD patrol car while crossing West Street at Clarkson Street yesterday morning. But from his bed at Bellevue Hospital, he told the Daily News, "I don't blame New York. I want to come back." Why not, when the city is full of gritty, real experiences like that? Hell, the NYPD should start charging for this kind of "only in New York" thrill!

Glaumann says he didn't see the car coming behind a "caravan" of of delivery trucks, and suffered a broken arm and cuts to his face from the hit. He said, "I'm okay, but I'm in a lot of pain. My mind is kind of blurry." Welcome to New York, Glaumann! This is what happens when you don't stay in your lane.